At many facilities such as parks and zoos which manage pond and fountains, abnormal propagation of algae and water pollution are of serious concern. Light Clear adsorbs phosphorus that is the cause of propagation and promotes the decomposition of organic matters through activating microorganisms in the water. In addition, Light Clear has effect to reduce offensive odors such as ammonia odor. Presently, Light Clear has been used in ponds and for fountains at various facilities, in rivers and at wastewater treatment facilities.

Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus are the main nutrients for propagation of algae (water-blooms). And, carbon and nitrogen are discharged to the atmosphere-for the former, after turning to carbon dioxide due to respirations and, for the latter, to nitrogen gas due to the action of nitrifying bacteria, respectively. However, phosphorus will never exit from the underwater circulation system. This is why it is consider that the reduction of phosphorus density under water is the effective method for prevent the propagation of algae.
Our tests have proven that Light Clear has a power to adsorb phosphorus. We guarantee that you can suppress the propagation of algae by simply scattering Light Clear in the water.