【Earthenware Size (Large Cup) Diameter (Lip) 12 cm x Height 14 cm(Small Cup) Diameter (Lip) 8 cm x Height 10 cm】

Mt Aso is the largest volcanic caldera in the world and the pride of Kumamoto Prefecture. “Limonite” is mined only in a limited area spread at the bottom of Mt Aso. Limonite, a type of iron ore, was born in virtue of the old history of Mt Aso, which continues erupting for the last 300,000 years, as well as the blessing of Mother Nature.
The “Nature’s Gift” that has been left untouched for a long period, has been reborn as earthenware cups.

【(Large) Diameter 12 cm (Small) Diameter 8 cm】

Daichi-no-wa is a ceramic ring made of natural ocher, “limonite”, the natural product born in Aso, Kumamoto. Baked limonite emits far-infrared rays, allowing the heat within a rice cooker to spread evenly to each and every grain. This creates delicious, fluffy steamed rice as if it had been cooked in an iron pot.

【Facial Soap (Net Content: 80 g)】

“Aso Odo Shabon” is a natural soap that we created with no compromise in every aspect. To make the most of characteristics of the raw material, we carefully selected ingredients, the manufacturing method and the packages. Users can enjoy it with pleasure and peace of mind as well as getting the feel of the blessing of Mother Nature with the skin.


There are various kinds of noni juices for sale at present – noni juices made in Hawaii, Tahiti and Okinawa are familiar examples. Each one is different in density. “Vinaka” was born in collaboration between Nawaka Village in Fiji and us. We keep the local tradition about the noni harvest time and produce the juice without any additives under the supervision of our Japanese staff. Furthermore, we pay the utmost care and attention to our production control under the condition without any unwanted bacteria since a useful bacterium, prorenin, can be easily activated.