【The feed made of 100% natural iron and other minerals which volcanic Mount Aso has been producing】
・Helps newly-born calves to maintain a normal thymus gland and immune strength with high purity iron content.
・Provides milking cows and calves in the growing period with iron which is apt to be insufficient in their body system.
・Able to activate microbe in the stomach with iron supplementation and help cows’ system absorb nutrients without any waste.
・Able to adsorb gases inside cows’ stomach, thus relieve loose bowel movement and a diarrheal disease.
・Effective for reducing a bad smell in cows’ excrement and making it a material for good quality manure and slurry.

Daily recommendation
 Mother Cows/Milking Cows/Dry Dairy Cows : 50 to 70g/head
 Breeding Cows : 20 to 50g/head
 Calves : 10 to 20g/head