■ Our Business & Main Products ■

We render our services such as making suggestions on “a desulfurization agent (a hydrogen sulfide adsorption agent)” made from limonite and making plans and advices on the desulfurization system.
Also, we collect and recycle used desulfurization agents. Ever since the establishment of our company in 1966, we have been making every endeavor to contribute to the environmental improvement by utilising our knowledge and experiences about desulfurization.

・Desulfurization Agent “Limonic” >>> Product Details
The agent for adsorbing hydrogen sulfide gas created at various facilities and sewerage plants.

・Soil improvement agent “Limonido” >>> Product Details
The agent for adsorbing gases in the soil, supplying iron and minerals to the soil and activating microorganisms in the soil.

・Water revitalizing product “Light Clear” >>> Product Details
The agent for suppressing the propagation of algae and water blooms.

・Water purification ceramics “Limonic” >>> Product Details
The organic limonite ceramic for suppressing the smell of chlorine and making tap water softer.

・Deodorant for waste oil, “A.S.O.” >>> Product Details
A.S.O.(Anti Smelly Oil)adsorbs and precipitates oil and fat contents causing odor from grease traps, and prevents offensive odors and clogging of pipes.

We engage in planning and selling “limonite” products for stockbreeding and fishery.
We recommend our feed for stockbreeding, “Light Mineral”, to pig farmers all over the world.

Feed for stockbreeding (Class A-Feed) “Light Mineral” >>> Product Details

Feed for stockbreeding (Class A-Feed) “Asord”
>>> Product Details

We engage in making “farm products” with limonite in the magnificent natural field spread over the Aso area of Kumamoto.
We also organise for events at which participants can enjoy agricultural experience such as organic and modern rice farming.

Regular testing and research to maintain product quality and stability.
We also carry out safety management and research.

We manufacture desulfurization and light minerals with safety as our first priority.