More than a hundred years have passed since Professor Iwasaki Juzo of Kyushu Imperial University (current Kyushu University) published his thesis entitled “The bog iron ore deposit in Aso of Higo” in the journal of geography in 1913.
During the time, a mineral ore from our mines, which has long been utilized only as a raw material for producing iron ores, has also established a new position as a precious resource that takes an important role in improving environmental problems. Sewage treatment, lake water revitalization, the environmental improvement of pigpens, the treatment of wastewater discharged from domestic animal burns, kitchen garbage composting, and many more – the application range of our ore has become notably wide in accordance with the progress of globalisation. Even so, we never stop immersing ourselves in collaborative research activities with local universities and industrial research institutes to discover new uses in unknown territories such as the improvement of environment for marine fish. We appreciate your continual support to our endeavor.


When we look around our current surroundings from a different viewpoint – at the municipal, the regional, the country and the global level – we are at a standstill in regard to the growth and development in politics, economy and environment. I feel that we have come to the world in the interval of great transformation since the Industrial Revolution. While “the global environment protection” has become a much-discussed subject, we are fighting against serious issues such as damages from industrial chemicals and pollution of the seas, rivers and the air. I believe that we, as a corporation, are responsible for protecting the safety of “soil, water and air”, and that it is our obligation to proactively participate in activities for the purpose. Japan Limonite Co Ltd aims to contribute to creating the better and safer environment for Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan and the world through the research and development of Aso limonite, the product from Mother Nature.

Managing Director KURAMOTO KOICHI

“ASO LIMONITE”, which spreads beneath the land of the majestic Aso region, is a historical product with limitless potential in many fields. As a successor of this product, our desire is to pass to the future generation the “limonite”-based eco-technology which considers the global environment.
We have been demonstrating the power of Aso in various spheres such as the manufacturing of livestock feed and the development of eco-friendly products. We make a commitment in further persuasion of limonite’s potentials through R&D, and, hope to contribute to the environmental business by utilising “the blessing of nature” which is something necessary and indispensable to the modern society.