Limonic, made from specially fired and processed limonite, shows its power with drinking water, flower vases, fish tanks and many more. The iron component of Limonic, after being fired thoroughly at a high temperature turn into mysterious silver color. Abundant minerals contained in limonite, such as calcium and sodium, flow out by simply placing Limonic in water. In addition, because of unevenness and a myriad of micropores formed on the surface during the special firing process, residual chlorine is removed and the distinctive odor of tap-water is reduced.

The method of use is so simple as leaving Limonic in a bottle of tap-water. The mineral content of Limonic flows out in the tap-water and the tap water turns into the handmade mineral water whose quality is comparative against commercially available mineral waters. You can easily and repeatedly make mineral water over a long period with only a small amount of Limonic. The effects of Limonic are not limited to the example of drinking water. Leaving Limonic in a flower vase makes cut flowers last long, which represents the power of mineral components of Limonic.

▼ Photomicrographs of Limonic
Limonite, a naturally porous material, experiences an increase in porousness due to the special firing process. This results in effectiveness against residual chlorine odor.

▼ Limonic’s action to water

▼ Limonic’s effect on fresh flowers

▼ General Product 70 g

You can make drinkable mineral water!
Aquariums stay clean for long
Cut flowers in a vase last longer