Desulfurization agents are the agents that adsorb hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a very harmful gas which is detrimental to the human body and accelerates the progress of corrosion as for equipment and machinery. Accordingly, desulfurization agents are required in order to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from circumstances which generate the harmful gas. Our desulfurization agent, LIMONIC, is a product made from a natural resource, limonite.

The implementation of an environmentally friendly recycling system

Used desulfurization agents produce heat and gas on contact with air. Therefore, their disposal must be handled with the utmost care. We are the only company in Japan in possession of the technology to recycle desulfurization agents. (The technology was developed in collaboration with Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute. The patent is currently in publication.) Our recycling technology made it possible to return all of used desulfurization agents back to raw materials, thus it is very environmentally friendly.

Replacement of Desulfurization Agent

We also provide a desulfurization agent replacement job and can undertake the job at any desulfurization agent tower regardless of the size.