A.S.O. adsorbs and precipitates oil and fat contents causing odor from grease traps, and prevents offensive odors and clogging of pipes.

A grease trap is a plumbing device designed to intercept most greases, leftovers and vegetable scraps contained in kitchen wastewater before they cause clogging of a drainage outlet and pipes and enter sewers. It is legally required that commercial kitchen operators use a grease trap. Once greases and garbage in wastewater flow into the sewerage system directly, they become the cause of offensive odors and the outbreak of harmful insects as well as clogging and backward flows in drain pipes, all of which lead to the environmental pollution in the downstream area. Therefore, it is important to perform periodic cleaning of grease traps.

The grease trap catches most greases, food residue, a detergent and many others coming from kitchens and other facilities every day. Their accumulation in the grease trap causes clogging of drain pipes and offensive odors.
The waste oil deodorant, A.S.O., through its regular use, can adsorb and precipitate oil and reduce offensive odors. In addition, the use will help reduce the frequency of cleaning works and simplify them.
Also, the use of A.S.O., because of its power of adsorbing oil, will lead to the reduction of normal hexane extracts.

Limonite has a power to adsorb four major offensive odors, ie, “hydrogen sulfide”, “ammonia”, “methyl mercaptan” and “trimethylamine”. With the effect, it is used at various facilities such as sewage-treatment plants, for septic tanks, at food manufacturing and processing factories and for garbage disposal units, for odor treatment.
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